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12:01 p.m. - Tues 6.2.15

Sappho Love

Dear Diary:

I've adored women from a very young age and adore their touch their scent their vibe of utter & pure eroticsism the way they kiss soft and sultry the way they uphold their strength and as a women I appreciate
all of another women. Because I feel that anothers womans lips are apart of another womens anotomy when she kisses me. I adore her sexy ways very Feminine Mystique about her her bold way she can be masculine her strong hands running along my curves the way she whispers in my ear to me how she wants to be my Joey Ramone. Makes me want to melt in her arms as she peers into my eyes stealing a kiss from me and undressing me with her stud&stallion ways as she whispers in my ear: how do you want me to do you? I shutter with sheer pleasure as her hands run along my legs my inner thighs feeling my soaked white cotton panties she slides them off me her mouth devours my pink peral her tongue opens me up to her and she puts me on top of her I adore her doing me that way always. I ride her as she is my stallion and I am her Fem Her Dame.

-Laura Valentina